Bulbs – Mini RBL


This Mini RBL bulb will fit 5 bullet pixels to give you a good illumination and add a custom touch to your light shows.  Once fitted with RGB Pixels you will be able to light it up with any color or effect you may imagine.

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This product can come in a variety of options.  Both the color of the base and the finish of the bulb itself can be customized to your preferences.  All Mini RBL’s is unique and has it’s own personality.

This is a modular product, the base components can be used with several different bulbs and 3D props such as the twist bulb and snowman.

* Please note that due to the nature of the 3D Printing process there may be some slight variations in color and finish.  This is not a mass produced item.


Overall dimensions are as follows:
The base height is 4 7/8 (95mm)
The bulb height is 9 inches (225mm)
The combined / assembled height is 11 inches (280mm)

The overall widht is 5 inches (125mm)



Base Color

Green, Dark Green, Red, Blue, Yellow

Bulb Finish

White, Translucid




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